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Independent, not neutral.

NOW is an English-language online publication founded in 2007. 

It provides daily news, as well as analysis and investigations, on key issues in Lebanon and the Levant, with occasional coverage of the Middle East region. 

It aims at shedding light on local Lebanese political, social and cultural trends, as well as the Lebanese diaspora across the world, and regional and international events with an impact on the Levant. 

NOW was one of the first digital current affairs publications in the region and published in English and Arabic.

During the May 7, 2008 clashes NOW remained the only website still operating after a cyberattack took down all electronic media opposing Hezbollah.

In 2009, we launched Now Iran, one of the first editorial projects that provided a minute-by-minute account of the Green Revolution.

We continued our series of country spotlights in 2011 when we also launched NOW Syria, the earliest and one of the main sources of news on the Syrian uprising.

Our team of journalists coming from various local, regional, and international backgrounds brought our readers grounded news and well-researched political analysis, often revealing uncomfortable facts and bringing to light under-reported stories.

NOW was often quoted by international mainstream media, academics, experts, and policy paper authors. 

The website was forced to take a break in 2017 over lack of funding, a problem that most independent media outlets face.

Unfortunately, our journalists’ and columnists’ work remains in books and policy papers only.

The Beirut port blast on August 4, 2020, irreversibly damaged our servers, and our decade-long struggle to deliver insightful journalism was lost. 

We believe the time has come to start over and ask the still unanswered questions.

We believe in freedom, dialogue, and justice. 

At a time when people demand accountability, solid and reliable journalism can help deliver them. 

We believe that well-told stories are able to unmake taboos, empower people, expose buried wounds and heal them. We’re fair and unbiased, but not afraid to reveal the core of the problem.

We’re independent, but not neutral. 

NOW is published by New Opinion Workshop.

New Opinion Workshop is a non-profit organization promoting freedom of speech, human rights, and democratic values in Lebanon and the region.

Through quality reporting, New Opinion Workshop scrutinizes political processes, promotes debates, and provides the public with reliable information. It advocates for accountability in public institutions and aims at enabling civil society organizations and citizens to influence decision-makers.

Like many other independent media outlets, we rely on donations and contributions from readers.

Support us in our quest for quality coverage of one of the most troubled and complex regions of the world.